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One-stop solutions to all your driving-related issues

Being the first post of my blog, I would like to clarify that this blog shall be dedicated to providing solutions to all driving related issues in singapore. You can post any driving related issues in the comment boxes and I will answer the issues in the subsequent posts. If you’re looking for a private driving instructor instead then try http://sglearntodrive.com/

Some of the solutions and driving tips I will talk about in this blog includes:
1. Basics of driving

2. How to obtain your driving license Singapore

3. How to convert foreign licenses to Singapore driving license – not every country’s license can be converted to Singapore’s. I recommend that you get your driving license in Singapore if you have not done so because it is an international driving license and you can still drive back in your home country after getting the license here.

4. Various parking areas in Singapore & parking tips

5. Advanced driving such as drifting – this is very advanced and is otherwise also known as defensive driving course for professionals.

6. Guide to buying a car in Singapore – there are many more legal issues you may encounter in Singapore when buying a car to drive because there is COE, road tax and insurance on top of many other small things.

7. Finances need to maintain a car in Singapore

8. Annual maintenance needed for cars and where to go for these servicing – not every country imposes strict servicing requirements for driving cars but there is here. it is good though because if you have bought your car from the authorized car dealer, you can get them to service for you for free for the first few years.

9. Driving Demerit points system in Singapore – make sure to drive within the Singapore traffic police rules and learn properly from a private driving instructor or you would get demerit points and 24 points within a period of 2 years will cause your Singapore driving license to be permanently suspended and you need to retake the entire examination.

10. Any other driving-related issues

Of course, there is a simpler way to go about learning all these points, especially for points 1, 2 and 4 –  which are all taught by private driving instructors in Singapore.

A good instructor will teach you all the basics of driving and road courtesy, technical driving skills such as moving off a slope and parking and they will also give you tips on the general car buying environment in Singapore if you were to ask them politely.

All in all, this blog will share about the exciting things that most people turning 18 and want to learn to drive in Singapore (international driver’s license) and buy a car.