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Benefits of private driving instructors

Personally, I would prefer private driving instructor over school driving instructor if I were to take driving lessons in Singapore and this opinion is coming from a person (me) who has passed his driving test in Singapore on his very first attempt.

Not only are private driving instructors very much cheaper than school driving instructors (about half the price), but there are other good reasons as well.

Firstly, private driving instructors let you to be driving on the real road outside right from the first lesson. Driving on the roads outside is different from driving in the circuit. Driving on the real roads will speed up your learning curve and process as you are forced to learn in a more challenging environment from the start. Learning in the circuit is learning in a controlled environment. You may feel less pressured and stressed out in this environment. I would say some stress is good for learning.

Secondly, your private driving instructor is the same throughout all your lessons. This is different from the school driving instructors who are different for all lessons. As everyone teaches differently, it is difficult to consolidate every instructors’ different teaching, especially if they are conflicting. To add the icing on the cake, you will get to use the exact same car for your driving test. This helps tremendously because for school driving students, they will use the same model but a different car. Every single car, even if it’s of the same car brand and model, can be different from each other in terms of handling and hence driving it. This is especially the case for beginner drivers (e.g. you).

Third of all, private driving instructors in Singapore have many more years of experience teaching students – at least one to two decades. This is because the last teaching license for private driving instructors in Singapore was given out more than 25 years ago. This means that all such private instructors in Singapore actually have way more than 25 years of teaching experience, making them very efficient and effective at teaching students how to drive and pass the driving test in Singapore.