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Preparing for your driving test

Are you nervous for your upcoming driving test in Singapore to get your valid driving license and finally be able to drive on the roads unsupervised? There is no need to panic. If you firmly believe that you are adequately prepared and diligently go for regular driving lessons and revise what you have learnt, you will pass your driving test in Singapore easily. But anyway, to help you improve the chances of your passing on the first attempt, here are some preparation tips from me for your driving test.

Firstly, for those who are super worried, try going for Bukit Batok driving instructors instead, because the roads at Bukit Batok (Western part of Singapore) is relatively empty.

Secondly, ensure that you master all the driving techniques that are going to be tested in the driving test. Basic driving techniques such as accelerating, braking smoothly, turning should be mastered way long ago. The only common issue I have found among learner drivers is stepping too hard on the brakes or accelerator pedal. These are the two main basic driving skills you might want to focus on. It’s fundamental but very important if you do not want to be penalized during your Singapore driving test. Advanced techniques such as parking techniques such as parallel parking and moving off a stationary stop on a slope for manual transmission car drivers should be mastered as well. If you are still not comfortable with them, please take more driving lessons. Do not rush to go for your examination because if you do not master the above mentioned skills properly, you will still fail to drive safely and competently in future. Do not endanger the lives of people driving in Singapore or anywhere else around the world.

Thirdly, ensure that you are very familiar with all the traffic rules. During the driving test, not only are you tested on your driving skills, the real-time on-the-road conditions will test your driving knowledge as well. Examples include what to do if someone is overtaking you. What to do when the green light is turning amber?