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Speed of learning

Everyone has different speed of learning. This principle applies to driving as well. If you are talented in driving, you will be able to pick up the skills fast and probably just need about 10 to 15 Singapore driving lessons before being able to book for, take and pass the Traffic Police Practical driving test and obtaining your driving license in Singapore. On the other hand, if you are a slow learner, then you may need more than 25 driving lessons to prepare for your Traffic Police Practical test.

Having a talent in driving in Singapore equate to just higher savings on your driving lessons cost as you will be taking fewer lessons than the average student. Let me give you a better idea how much money you can save if you are competent. If we are looking at taking driving lessons from private driving instructors in Singapore, then they cost about $45 to $50 per lesson. Assuming the higher end of this range – $50 per lesson, 10 lessons already equates to $500 for you! That is a decent amount of money saved. But since you cannot control your talent, you simply want to pass your driving test on the first try as this is something which you can control versus the previous mentioned point of driving talent. The best way to do so is to get a good private driving instructor who teaches you all the necessary skills and more to improve the possibility of you passing immediately. For every student that fails his or her first driving test in Singapore, he or she takes an average of 5 to 10 more driving lessons. So if you find a good private driving instructor in Singapore, then what you essentially get is savings of $250 to $500.

Even if people are good at driving, they do not go for the professional league in Singapore’s context. There are just too few opportunities in professional car racing in Singapore. But anyway, if you want to race cars, then you have to go for defensive driving course and that is an advanced course that people such as Jay Chou went for to film his movie where he was drifting cars.

Getting private driving instructors

There are two ways of getting driving instructors in Singapore. You can either get a school driving instructor or a private driving instructor through agencies like SG LEARN TO DRIVE to teach you driving.

i) Getting a school driving instructor is easy – you will just have to contact the driving centres and they will allocate school driving instructors to you.

ii) If you want to get a private driving instructor, you will have to do the sourcing in Singapore by yourself.

Common ways of sourcing includes asking for referrals from your friends, searching on the internet, or contacting a private driving instructor agent who has a pool of private driving instructors under their belt to allocate to you. Private driving instructors are stationed all over Singapore, but more common found in Ubi, Bukit Batok, and Woodlands.

The main reason why private driving instructors mostly teach at the 3 above mentioned areas in Singapore is because the driving schools and hence eventual Singapore driving test will be conducted there so it is better for private driving instructors to teach you around those corresponding areas so that you are more familiar with the roads around the area and this greatly enhances the possibility of you passing your driving test on your very first try.

There are many students who have absurd requests for private driving instructors such as requesting to learn to drive at places such as Botanic Gardens area – although the place there is truly scenic and there are many nice landmarks at that area of Singapore, private driving instructors are not allowed to teach students to drive about in every single part of Singapore. There are many designated areas actually.

Among these 3, Bukit Batok private driving instructor is the fewest in number. Their prices may be marked up slightly too due to their low supply. So you should not be surprised if you find that places with higher demand yet lower supply to have the private driving instructors charge a more expensive rate for their driving lessons.