Private driving instructors are going to extinct in Singapore

As mentioned in my previous post, because the Traffic Police Department in Singapore stopped issuing private driving coaching licenses to individuals since 20+ years ago, the absolute number of private driving instructors in Singapore has been capped ever since. What is more is that the number is actually decreasing slowly throughout the years as the instructors have slowly retired one by one, and the licenses are not transferable.

When all the private driving instructors retire, everyone in Singapore will be forced to learn driving in the driving centres instead. There will be much fewer choices for the Singaporeans from then on. There are 3 driving centres in Singapore, namely Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre, and Ubi Cdc Driving Centre. Unfortunately, learning and taking driving lessons at these driving schools in Singapore is actually very costly. This is also the reason why I advocate students to pick up driving lessons from private driving instructors in Singapore today when they can.

These private driving instructors in Singapore have many more years of teaching experience and giving driving lessons than the school teachers have. Most are young teachers at the schools and are salaried workers – which means they simply do not care about how well your driving lessons go or how well you learn because they can ignore about bad word of mouth marketing. On the other hand when it comes to private driving instructors, they are sole proprietors and so their reputation matters to them a lot and literally affects their entire livelihood.

There are essentially two good ways to find yourself such an instructor.

1) You get a friend who has passed his or her Singapore driving test on the first try to pass you the contacts of the private driving instructor.

2) You can get private driving lessons by going to legitimate online matching agencies such as SGLEARNTODRIVE where the business will match you up to a suitable private driving instructor.

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