Speed of learning

Everyone has different speed of learning. This principle applies to driving as well. If you are talented in driving, you will be able to pick up the skills fast and probably just need about 10 to 15 Singapore driving lessons before being able to book for, take and pass the Traffic Police Practical driving test and obtaining your driving license in Singapore. On the other hand, if you are a slow learner, then you may need more than 25 driving lessons to prepare for your Traffic Police Practical test.

Having a talent in driving in Singapore equate to just higher savings on your driving lessons cost as you will be taking fewer lessons than the average student. Let me give you a better idea how much money you can save if you are competent. If we are looking at taking driving lessons from private driving instructors in Singapore, then they cost about $45 to $50 per lesson. Assuming the higher end of this range – $50 per lesson, 10 lessons already equates to $500 for you! That is a decent amount of money saved. But since you cannot control your talent, you simply want to pass your driving test on the first try as this is something which you can control versus the previous mentioned point of driving talent. The best way to do so is to get a good private driving instructor who teaches you all the necessary skills and more to improve the possibility of you passing immediately. For every student that fails his or her first driving test in Singapore, he or she takes an average of 5 to 10 more driving lessons. So if you find a good private driving instructor in Singapore, then what you essentially get is savings of $250 to $500.

Even if people are good at driving, they do not go for the professional league in Singapore’s context. There are just too few opportunities in professional car racing in Singapore. But anyway, if you want to race cars, then you have to go for defensive driving course and that is an advanced course that people such as Jay Chou went for to film his movie where he was drifting cars.

Private driving instructors are going to extinct in Singapore

As mentioned in my previous post, because the Traffic Police Department in Singapore stopped issuing private driving coaching licenses to individuals since 20+ years ago, the absolute number of private driving instructors in Singapore has been capped ever since. What is more is that the number is actually decreasing slowly throughout the years as the instructors have slowly retired one by one, and the licenses are not transferable.

When all the private driving instructors retire, everyone in Singapore will be forced to learn driving in the driving centres instead. There will be much fewer choices for the Singaporeans from then on. There are 3 driving centres in Singapore, namely Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre, and Ubi Cdc Driving Centre. Unfortunately, learning and taking driving lessons at these driving schools in Singapore is actually very costly. This is also the reason why I advocate students to pick up driving lessons from private driving instructors in Singapore today when they can.

These private driving instructors in Singapore have many more years of teaching experience and giving driving lessons than the school teachers have. Most are young teachers at the schools and are salaried workers – which means they simply do not care about how well your driving lessons go or how well you learn because they can ignore about bad word of mouth marketing. On the other hand when it comes to private driving instructors, they are sole proprietors and so their reputation matters to them a lot and literally affects their entire livelihood.

There are essentially two good ways to find yourself such an instructor.

1) You get a friend who has passed his or her Singapore driving test on the first try to pass you the contacts of the private driving instructor.

2) You can get private driving lessons by going to legitimate online matching agencies such as SGLEARNTODRIVE where the business will match you up to a suitable private driving instructor.

Benefits of private driving instructors

Personally, I would prefer private driving instructor over school driving instructor if I were to take driving lessons in Singapore and this opinion is coming from a person (me) who has passed his driving test in Singapore on his very first attempt.

Not only are private driving instructors very much cheaper than school driving instructors (about half the price), but there are other good reasons as well.

Firstly, private driving instructors let you to be driving on the real road outside right from the first lesson. Driving on the roads outside is different from driving in the circuit. Driving on the real roads will speed up your learning curve and process as you are forced to learn in a more challenging environment from the start. Learning in the circuit is learning in a controlled environment. You may feel less pressured and stressed out in this environment. I would say some stress is good for learning.

Secondly, your private driving instructor is the same throughout all your lessons. This is different from the school driving instructors who are different for all lessons. As everyone teaches differently, it is difficult to consolidate every instructors’ different teaching, especially if they are conflicting. To add the icing on the cake, you will get to use the exact same car for your driving test. This helps tremendously because for school driving students, they will use the same model but a different car. Every single car, even if it’s of the same car brand and model, can be different from each other in terms of handling and hence driving it. This is especially the case for beginner drivers (e.g. you).

Third of all, private driving instructors in Singapore have many more years of experience teaching students – at least one to two decades. This is because the last teaching license for private driving instructors in Singapore was given out more than 25 years ago. This means that all such private instructors in Singapore actually have way more than 25 years of teaching experience, making them very efficient and effective at teaching students how to drive and pass the driving test in Singapore.

Getting private driving instructors

There are two ways of getting driving instructors in Singapore. You can either get a school driving instructor or a private driving instructor through agencies like SG LEARN TO DRIVE to teach you driving.

i) Getting a school driving instructor is easy – you will just have to contact the driving centres and they will allocate school driving instructors to you.

ii) If you want to get a private driving instructor, you will have to do the sourcing in Singapore by yourself.

Common ways of sourcing includes asking for referrals from your friends, searching on the internet, or contacting a private driving instructor agent who has a pool of private driving instructors under their belt to allocate to you. Private driving instructors are stationed all over Singapore, but more common found in Ubi, Bukit Batok, and Woodlands.

The main reason why private driving instructors mostly teach at the 3 above mentioned areas in Singapore is because the driving schools and hence eventual Singapore driving test will be conducted there so it is better for private driving instructors to teach you around those corresponding areas so that you are more familiar with the roads around the area and this greatly enhances the possibility of you passing your driving test on your very first try.

There are many students who have absurd requests for private driving instructors such as requesting to learn to drive at places such as Botanic Gardens area – although the place there is truly scenic and there are many nice landmarks at that area of Singapore, private driving instructors are not allowed to teach students to drive about in every single part of Singapore. There are many designated areas actually.

Among these 3, Bukit Batok private driving instructor is the fewest in number. Their prices may be marked up slightly too due to their low supply. So you should not be surprised if you find that places with higher demand yet lower supply to have the private driving instructors charge a more expensive rate for their driving lessons.

Preparing for your driving test

Are you nervous for your upcoming driving test in Singapore to get your valid driving license and finally be able to drive on the roads unsupervised? There is no need to panic. If you firmly believe that you are adequately prepared and diligently go for regular driving lessons and revise what you have learnt, you will pass your driving test in Singapore easily. But anyway, to help you improve the chances of your passing on the first attempt, here are some preparation tips from me for your driving test.

Firstly, for those who are super worried, try going for Bukit Batok driving instructors instead, because the roads at Bukit Batok (Western part of Singapore) is relatively empty.

Secondly, ensure that you master all the driving techniques that are going to be tested in the driving test. Basic driving techniques such as accelerating, braking smoothly, turning should be mastered way long ago. The only common issue I have found among learner drivers is stepping too hard on the brakes or accelerator pedal. These are the two main basic driving skills you might want to focus on. It’s fundamental but very important if you do not want to be penalized during your Singapore driving test. Advanced techniques such as parking techniques such as parallel parking and moving off a stationary stop on a slope for manual transmission car drivers should be mastered as well. If you are still not comfortable with them, please take more driving lessons. Do not rush to go for your examination because if you do not master the above mentioned skills properly, you will still fail to drive safely and competently in future. Do not endanger the lives of people driving in Singapore or anywhere else around the world.

Thirdly, ensure that you are very familiar with all the traffic rules. During the driving test, not only are you tested on your driving skills, the real-time on-the-road conditions will test your driving knowledge as well. Examples include what to do if someone is overtaking you. What to do when the green light is turning amber?

Process of getting you driving license in Singapore

If you have not yet began your road or path to obtaining your driving license in Singapore, and are wondering how to actually go about applying and getting that driving license you have wanted ever since you turned 18 in Singapore, then make sure to take note of this post.

This applies for both driving schools and private driving instructor in Singapore and the steps are the same.

To obtain a Singapore driving license, you will need to first apply for a learner driving account at one of the driving centres in Singapore, either under a school learner, or a private learner. Make sure to apply under the Traffic Police department at these driving centers (Singapore Safety driving center at Woodlands, Bukit Batok driving center at Bukit Batok and ComfortDelgro driving center at Ubi area). Do not apply under the school because that means you are a school student (and school driving lessons cost an arm and a leg in Singapore). Make sure to apply under the Singapore Traffic Police department located within these driving schools.

After you have successfully set up your account, you will need to apply and sit for your Basic Theory Test (BTT). This BTT results is for life – this means that you will never need to retake this examination for the rest of your life after you have passed it once. Great isn’t it?

Next, when you passed your BTT, you can apply and sit for your Final Theory Test (FTT). At the same time, you can apply for Provisional Driving License (PDL) and start to take driving lessons. I recommend that you take lessons from private driving instructors in Singapore.

After you have passed your FTT, you can apply for, and sit for your practical test.

After passing your practical test, you will obtain your Singapore driving license! This entire process will take approximately between 6 to 8 months. Congratulations! Now you can drive on the roads of Singapore or most countries around the world because it is considered to be an international driving license.

Basics of driving

If you are a learner driver (e.g. a student who is taking driving lessons still from Singapore private driving instructors), this is the right place for you. In this post, I am going to teach you the basics of driving. These are the things to take note for all learner drivers or beginners (if you have not driven for a long time although you have a valid Singapore driving license, you might want to read these notes and tips as well before driving again so that you stay safe on the roads and drive competently). Whether or not you are taking your driving lessons Singapore now, your private driving instructors may or may not have shared these vital tips to you.

1. Always ensure your mirrors (rear mirror and side mirrors) are properly adjusted everytime before you start to drive. You will need to depend on them heavily to keep a lookout while driving. This is necessary because you want to be aware of the traffic conditions around your car when you are driving all the time.

Most students think that the rear and side view mirrors are only useful when parking but that is a big misconception even among drivers in Singapore with a valid driving license. (For example, not every private driving instructor in Singapore teaches you to look into the rear view mirror before braking your car – this is important because the car behind you may be following too closely and may not brake on time if you suddenly executed your emergency brakes).

2. Be familiar with the sensitivity of your steerling wheel and pedals. Do not go fast on the first drive of any vehicle. After you are used to its handling and speed, then you can slowly increase your speed. Every car is different and this applies even to cars of the same model and brand.

3. Always send your car to regular servicing to ensure it is fault-free, making sure you will have a safe vehicle to drive every time. Stay safe on the roads and don’t risk your life just for the sake of a few hundred dollars or one to two hours. It’s not worth the risk.

One-stop solutions to all your driving-related issues

Being the first post of my blog, I would like to clarify that this blog shall be dedicated to providing solutions to all driving related issues in singapore. You can post any driving related issues in the comment boxes and I will answer the issues in the subsequent posts. If you’re looking for a private driving instructor instead then try http://sglearntodrive.com/

Some of the solutions and driving tips I will talk about in this blog includes:
1. Basics of driving

2. How to obtain your driving license Singapore

3. How to convert foreign licenses to Singapore driving license – not every country’s license can be converted to Singapore’s. I recommend that you get your driving license in Singapore if you have not done so because it is an international driving license and you can still drive back in your home country after getting the license here.

4. Various parking areas in Singapore & parking tips

5. Advanced driving such as drifting – this is very advanced and is otherwise also known as defensive driving course for professionals.

6. Guide to buying a car in Singapore – there are many more legal issues you may encounter in Singapore when buying a car to drive because there is COE, road tax and insurance on top of many other small things.

7. Finances need to maintain a car in Singapore

8. Annual maintenance needed for cars and where to go for these servicing – not every country imposes strict servicing requirements for driving cars but there is here. it is good though because if you have bought your car from the authorized car dealer, you can get them to service for you for free for the first few years.

9. Driving Demerit points system in Singapore – make sure to drive within the Singapore traffic police rules and learn properly from a private driving instructor or you would get demerit points and 24 points within a period of 2 years will cause your Singapore driving license to be permanently suspended and you need to retake the entire examination.

10. Any other driving-related issues

Of course, there is a simpler way to go about learning all these points, especially for points 1, 2 and 4 –  which are all taught by private driving instructors in Singapore.

A good instructor will teach you all the basics of driving and road courtesy, technical driving skills such as moving off a slope and parking and they will also give you tips on the general car buying environment in Singapore if you were to ask them politely.

All in all, this blog will share about the exciting things that most people turning 18 and want to learn to drive in Singapore (international driver’s license) and buy a car.